Syed Abu-ul-Aala Mododi

Renewed Muslim Scholar Established Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba as a first team of Islamic Movement on 23 December 1947 at Lahore 25 Students all over ther Pakistan attended 1st Convention of Jamiat
Founded on 23rd December 1947 in Lahore, Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT, or frequently known as Jamiat) is the largest student organization of Pakistan having more than 100,000 active members and supporters associated with it. Since inception of IJT, the organization is working with a vision, which is : “To seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) by ordering human life in accordance with the teachings laid down by Allah and his Messenger Muhammad (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).” As evident in the vision, IJT seeks guidance from the Quran and Sunnah and apply all those in the practical lives for betterment of humanity and pleasure of almighty. Program of IJT is to introduce students to the teachings of Islam, organize them on a platform and develop their character according to Islamic principles. The program further includes solving the issues of students and striving for a model Islamic state. IJT has limited itself to the circle of students and it is the only student organization in the country where it is mandatory both for leadership and the workers to be full time students.
IJT has distinguished characteristics that its entire leadership is elected every year through a properly identified electoral system. More than 30 persons have been elected to the top leadership position of Nazim-e-ala (Central President) in the past 68 years. IJT has given true leadership to all walks of life and people who were with IJT in their student lives, can be seen on decent positions everywhere in the county, playing a positive role for the cause of Islam and Pakistan. Jamiat, as IJT is usually called, is a striving force in the colleges and universities. It is a diverse platform regardless of cast, creed, color and ethnicity and any student can come and join in if he agrees with the vision and program of Jamiat. IJT organizes various activities throughout the country, round the year to involve youth in positive co-curricular activities which enables them to think out of the box and develop a strong personality. The focus of all efforts of IJT is to establish a society according to the principles of Quran and Sunnah. The mechanism which IJT has chosen for this cause is to associate the youth of colleges and universities directly with Quran and Sunnah of Prophet. The organized movement of Jamiat provides a suitable platform for the students to be close to the Creator and follow Islam in its true letter and spirit without following any cult. The history of IJT is glorious and decorated with sacrifices for the cause of Islam and Pakistan. IJT has achieved many milestones in its long journey. Promotion of Islamic values among students is one of the main objectives of IJT. IJT is against the bifurcation of Deen and Dunya (Religion and the World). For IJT, all worldly affairs have to be dealt with in the light of Islam. Jamiat is strictly against the phenomenon that ‘Deen’ should be limited to some circles only; therefore IJT tries its level best that all of its members and associates are not only good professionals but also good practicing Muslims. Islami Jamiat Talaba has been trying to save the youth from going astray by getting involved in illegal, immoral, unethical or haram activities; by showing them a path of righteousness and good deeds for the sake of infinite hereafter and the success in this worldly life. This is because of view that only youth could play decisive role in any revolution and long lasting change. For the past seven decades, IJT has provided leadership to the country in every walk of life. Those who were associated with IJT are prominent in politics, social and professional circles and society heavily rely on them. The motive of IJT is to change the system by changing the people. That was the role of Prophet (SAWW) and he gave this role to his Ummah. Therefore, IJT appeals to students of entire Ummah to join its ranks and spread the word of Islam. You don’t need anything special to join IJT. Just contact us on the website and we will be at your doorstep.