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Islami Jamiat E Talaba Pakistan is the largest student organization of Pakistan.
“To seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) by ordering human life in accordance with the teachings laid down by Allah and his Messenger Muhammad (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)”.
  • To convey the message of Islam to the students, to encourage them to acquire its knowledge, and to awaken them to the task of fulfilling its requirements in the practical life.
  • To organize those students under the Jamiat, who are prepared to strive for the establishment of Islamic way of life.
  • To make effective arrangements for the study of Islam and modern sciences, the building of Islamic Character and the development of mental and physical qualities for those students who join the Jamiat.
  • To strive for implementation of Islamic Educational system in Pakistan this is the most scientific, comprehensive and easy to establish.
  • To make efforts to solve the problems faced by the student community to get their genuine demands Fulfilled and to lead them in their collective problems.
  • To struggle for the establishment of an Islamic society in Pakistan this ensures human welfare and is free from economic, social and political exploitation.